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March News


Your're loud. You're noisy.

A blustery old chap!

You whistle, you moan

you tear at my cap!

You blow, you scowl.

But March, you are fair.

Part lion, part lamb,

Now Spring's in the air.

This month we will focus on Lent, and St. Patrick's Day.  We will also be learning and doing a lot of fun things.  Thursday, March 9th is our school wide STEM Fair!  1A has been busy working on their experiment testing which brand of popcorn pops and tastes the best.  Come and find out which popcorn is the best tasting  and which one you get more for your money.


Religion-We will read about and discuss how the Apostles led and cared for the church, learn  the roles of bishops, and the pope.  That Lent is a time to prepare for the celebration of Jesus' Death and Resurrection, and The Three Days.


Math will focus on recognizing and knowing the value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. We will count coins to find the value of a group of coins, word problems involving money, identifying groups of coins that show the same amount, equal amounts and compare an amount of money to the price of an item.  We will also learn to tell time to the hour and half hour, recognize and identify the minute and hour hand, and elapsed time.


Phonics will review long o, and identify and isolate medial sounds, recognize and write long o in words, matching medial sounds, recognizing long u rimes, word families, reading and writing long u words, and identifying syllables in a word.

Reading/ Lanuguage Arts, and Writing- We will focus on the vowel sounds of the letter y, High Frequency Words, Sequencing in a story, we will discuss features of a realistic story, syllable pattern cv, action verbs, consonant patterns ng, nk, compare and contrast, compound words, verbs that add -s, plural endings with -es, fact and opinon, and we will continue working on our letter formation.

Science/Social Studies- We will  read Life in a Pride and discuss attributes of lions, and their habitat. Next, we will explore engineering, by reading about and discussing how houses are built to fit a certain place. Then, we will explore weather by reading What is the Weather like? and discuss the many parts that make up weather? We will learn about Dr. Seuss and read many of his books, and I will be reading about George Washington Carver, and then we will be writing facts,  an opinion and the authors purpose on the story.