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Welcome 2017


January opens

The box of the year

And brings out days

That are bright and clear.

And brings out days

That are cold and gray,

And shouts, "Come see

What I brought today!"

We are back from a nice Christmas Vacation, and I am sure we are all well rested and ready to take on the New Year!  We will be very busy as we usually are each month with activities, such as Mass with Bishop and Christian, Catholic Schools Week.

Some of what 1A will be learning this month are as follows:

Religion- We will focus on Jesus' love for us, and that he died on the cross for us,  that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his followers and how the Holy Spirit helped Jesus' followers

Math- place values, writing two digit number and number words, determine the value of a designated number, expanded form of 2digit numbers, identify and write numbers one less and one more of two digit numbers, write numbers just before, between, and just after a given two digit number and to compare 2 digit numbers using the symbols for greater than, less than and equal to.

Phonics-leanring long vowel a, i and o, reading and writing long a, i  and o words, identify and isolate medial sounds, and to discriminate between long and short vowel a, i, and o

Language Arts and Reading- reading and writing long vowel words, High Frequency Words, cause and effect, sounds of soft and hard G and C, proper nouns, author's purpose, digraphs, wh, ch, tch, special titles, sequence and contractions and the Daily 5

Handwriting- We will continue to build on our hand writing skills, by writing stories, and sentences, unscrambling words and writing them, focusing on letter formation, and sitting in our best handwriting position.

Social Studies and Science- We will read and write about Dr. Martin Luther King, our new president, polar bears and their habitats


Dates to Remember

Jan. 16 NO SCHOOL - Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Jan. 30 Catholic School Week Mass 9:15am


Happy New Year!!