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November News

Thanksgiving Day will soon be here

It comes around but once a year

If I could only have my way.

We'd have Thanksgiving every day!


November will be filled with many fun activities which include learning about the saints, getting together with our 6th grade buddies, Barnes and Noble Night, and Crazy Sock Day!


Some of what we will be learning this month :

Religion- Saints, Great Commandment, growing as a disciple of Jesus, the church year, apostles, the Lords Prayer and it's meaning,

Math- We will begin a new unit which will focus on subtraction facts, recognizing the minus (-) and equals (=) signs, subtraction sentences, identifying the difference when subtracting, add and subtract with zero, subtracting in both horizontal and vertical form, counting back using a number line, subtraction patterns, related subtraction facts, and to recognize the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Phonics-recognize and blend words with short vowel o and u,writing short vowel o and u words, read short o and u words and high frequency words in context, reviewing short vowel a, and i,

Reading/English/Handwriting- We will learn about the plot of a story, practice reading with fluency and accuracy, segment and blend words with short i, final x/ks, decode words in context and isolation, review past and present High Frequency Words, subject and predicate of the sentence, declarative  and interrogative sentences, key features of a fantasy story and short poem, initial blends,  Daily 5 read to self, read to someone and listen to reading, plurals, character and setting. In handwriting we will continue to work on letter formation, which include the letters l, x,.

Science/Social Studies- The food groups, trees in winter, Native Americans, the Wampanoags, Thanksgiving, and Pilgrims.