September/October News

The leaves are yellow, red, and brown,

A shower sprinkles softly down

and the air is fragrant, crisp and cool,

And once again, I'm back at school.

We have been working hard at learning how to be First Graders!  My students have made new friends, learned and are learning classroom rules, expectations and to live by the "Golden Rule".

Some of what we will be learning :

Religion-God created the whole world, and people, God promises to love us always, Blessed Trinity, Jesus is God's greatest gift, teaching the sign of the cross, God chose Mary to be the mother of her son, the story of Jesus' birth, Holy Family, John the Baptist, and the Great Commandment

Math-ordering numbers 1-12, using a number line to 12 to count on, and count back, identify and write numbers to 12 that are just before, between, and just after,comparing numbers through 12 using terms equal to, less than, and greater than, ordinal numbers, addition sentences, introducing the (+)plus and ( -)minus sign, related addition facts, identify patterns and complete additon patterns, add doubles

Phonics-sound symbol recognition, initial and final consonant sounds, medial consonants, High Frequency Words, short vowel a, i,  blending cvc words with short a, i

Reading-We will focus on High Frequency Words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, descriptive words, the plot of a story, characters, setting, identify syllables in words, realistic fiction and non fiction stories, realism, fantasy, "Good Fit Books", Daily 5, C.A.F.E, simple sentences, and handwriting

Social Studies/Science-Johnny Appleseed, parts of an apple, north, south, east and west, neighborhoods, pumpkins, parts of a pumpkin, plant life, maps, earth, and globe


We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseeds birthday on Monday, September 26, by making delicious apple sauce.

Our FIRST party will be Monday, October 31, to celebrate Halloween!! Yeah!

Hot Lunch begins on Monday, September 26!!!  :)