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May Happenings

We begin our last full month as first graders.  Wow!  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. This month will be filled with many fun and exciting activities and we will continue to learn and grow preparing ourselves for Second Grade!


Some of what we will be learning this month is as follows:

Religion- We will learn about what we say and do at Mass.  That parishoners gather to worship God at Mass, the readings at Mass ar the Word of God, to remember that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ and review key ideas in growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. We will also learn about Mary and the ways in which we honor her and the saints.


Math-Our class will identify two gorups of coins that show the same amount, find the value of a group of coins consisting of a quarter, dimes, nickels, and pennies, compare an amount of money to the price of an item, identify the dollar bill and its value : 100 cents.  Then I will introduce telling time to the hour and half hour using a digital and analog clock, and elapsed time.


Phonics- match, identify and isolate medial sounds, recognize that er, ir, ur stand for ur writing High Frequency Words to complete sentences, listen and discuss nonfiction text, to make inferences, demonstrate recognition of long vowel sounds, blends,


Language Arts-1A will continue to segment and blend phonemes, review vowel digraphs, oa, ow, ie,igh focus on fluency in oral reading, recognize main idea and details in a passage, and High Frequency Words.   We will discuss that facts and details help us understand an author's main idea.. adjectives, sort nouns and verbs, paired reading, three letter consonant blends and compound words.


Science/Social Studies-We will continue to work on directional words, identifying states on our maps, recognizing and identifying the bodies of water surrounding the United States.  I will continue to read about each state we locate on our map from the book America's 50 States .  I will introduce Koala bears, insects and their habitats.


Dates to remember this month:

5  Ascension Thursday Mass 9:15

6  Used book and uniform sale 9:00

13  4th quarter progress reports sent home

15 Parish/School Mass 10:00 at 11:30 Open House for Prospective Parents

17  Pre-k to 2nd grade Spring Concert

18  Progress Reports due back

20 May Crowning at 9:15

25  Walk to school 8:00

27  Fun Run/Field Day 12:40