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A Great Year it Was

As we finish the last two weeks of school I am amazed how much my students have grown both academically and socially.  It has been such a great year in First Grade for me and my students.  It is always a very bitter sweet time of the year.  We are all excited for summer vacation, but  sad to leave our friends .


We had a wonderful visit from Fr. Paul who  taught us about saints, he also shared with us which saint was his favorite.  Father's favorite saint is Saint Paul!!! He also brought in about 10 Seahorses from his collection of 110!! Wow, and how beautiful and unique they each were.  He also surprised us by giving the First Grade a beautiful glass Seahorse that we will always cherish and think of him everytime we see it.


I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful year.  I wish everyone a fantastic and safe summer!

I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!


Mrs. Allen

P.S.  For old times sake Go Yankees!!!!:)