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Grade 1 - Mrs. Allen

MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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HELLO 2015

Happy 2015!  Welcome back from a nice long Christmas vacation.  I am very excited to begin our new month and year.  We will be very busy learning many new and exciting things !!  Here is some of what 1A will be learning and doing this month:

Religion-We will read and talk about our parish community,  the seven sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance and Reconciliation, Holy Order, Anoiting of the Sick and Matrimony.

Math- subtracting facts from 12 or less to find the missing addened, use subtraction to compare sets, practice adding and subtracting facts to 12, sort data using a Venn diagram, we will usa data from tally charts to create graphs

Phonics-complete sentences writing short u words, reading short u words in context, review short vowels a,e,i,and o, identify and write short e words, and to identify and isolate medial sounds

Reading- Our stories this month are, The Farmer in the Hat, Who Works Here? Who Lives Here? and Life in the Forest we will talk about people in our communities,  we will focus on reviewing our amazing words, cause and effect, proper nouns, reading with fluency and expression, disquish between long and short a and i, author's purpose and high frequency words

Science/Social Studies-polar bears, weather, animal needs, and Martin Luther King Jr.


Happy New Year from 1A



December fun

This month we have been learning about Advent, the weeks of hope, peace, joy and love.   Fr. Paul visited and read a Bible Story about the birth of Jesus and discussed the importance of Advent and the Christmas Season.

We have also been working on the following:

adding and subtracting basic math facts, fact families, doubles and word problems, 1 minute math

digraphs, short vowels, common nouns, exclamatory sentences, consonant blends


1A Wishes everyone a Very Merry Christmas


Thankful for November

What an exciting month November will be. Our adopted priest Fr. Paul, will visit us for the first time on Monday, November 10.  We are so excited to have him be apart of the first grade.  We will also be reading, listening to, and talking about Thanksgiving, Native Americans, Pilgrims and discusing what we are thankful for.


Some of the things we will be focusing on this month are:

Math:  adding three addends with sums to 12, solving problems by writing a number sentence, recognizing the minus (-)  and equals (=) signs, subtracting horizontally and vertically, adding and subtracting with zero

Religion: Jesus loves us, and that he died on the cross and rose to new life for us.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his followers and the Holy Spirit helps the church grow.

Language Arts: identifying  words and sentences, reading short o words and high frequency words in context, reviewing short vowel a, i, and o, identifying the number of syllables in a word and recognizing the sound of short vowel u, summarizing a story, plots, characters, main idea and details setting, subject and predicate of a sentence, synonyms, reading with fluency, and writing a personal narative

Science/Social Studies: We will be  participating in the online Thanksgiving with Scholastic. And be receiving letters each week from children who traveled on the Mayflower.  Once the Pilgrims arrive we will be taking an online tour of Plimouth Plantation.  We will also discuss the food that was eaten during Thanksgiving, the different food groups and comparing and contrasting Thanksgiving today and during Pilgrim times.



November 11, Veterans Day, NO SCHOOL!

CONFERENCES are November 18.  I will be sending home a reminder of your time and day.




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