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MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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May News

It is hard to believe that is our last full month of school.  The school years seem to go by quicker and quicker!  With that said, May will be filled with many new things to learn, and do.


In math we will focus on learning to recognize the value of a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and to identify a dollar bill and its value of a 100 cents, to identify coins that are equivalent to a dollar, telling time to the half hour and the hour, to write time in standard notation, to show time patterns and to show the length of elapsed time to the hour and half hour.

Religion this month will focus on Mary and the Saints to highlight ways the church honors the saints and that all of creation is God's gift to us.

Phonics we will be identifying and isolating medial sounds, spelling words with CVVC, CCVC,CVVCC, CVV, recognizing rhyming words with  long vowel e sounds.

Reading- We will spend most of our time learning about vowel digrapsh ea,oa, ow, and to identify what the theme,  facts and details of a story, review vowel digraphs ea, ai, and ay.  This month we will be reading Cinderella and A Trip to Washington D.C..


Handwriting- We are continuing to work on writing and forming letters correctly.  Making sure we do not have letters that are floating, or carelessly written.


Science and Social Studies- Our focus in Science will be on animals, ocean life, and weather and in Social Studies we will be learning about Memorial Day and why we celebrate it.


Awesome April

The First Grade started the month by hosting the Holy Thursday Para-Liturgy.  We were so excited that Fr. Paul our adopted priest from Our Lady of Mercy in Merrimack was able to join us.  Everyone did an exceptional job with their readings, and signing the songs.  I was so proud of the First Graders!  We were also visited by the Easter Bunny who left treats, pencils and erasers in the beautiful Easter Baskets we made! It truly was a very exciting day for all of us!!!!!

Even though April will be a short month I have a lot planned for 1A.  Some of the things we will be learning and doing this month are:

Religion-As parishoners we gather to worship God at Mass, we will identify ways we can participate in the beginning of the Mass, that the readings at Mass are the Word of God, that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ, and how we should follow Jesus' example by loving and serving others.

Math-We will be adding and subtracting sums and differences of 13 to 18 in horizontal and vertical form, completing fact families to 18 and adding three addends with sums to 18.

Phonics- Reading and writing long vowel words in context, review long vowel sounds of a, e, i, o and u, and rhyming words.

Reading- This month we will read the following stories I'm a Caterpillar, Where Are My Animal Friends? and Mama's Birthday Present.  We will continue to work on r-controlled vowels, ar, or,ore, er, ir, ur, high frequency words, fact and opinion, contractions, reading for fluency and accuracy comparing endings er and est,  and drawing conclusions.

English-Verbs that tell what happened in the past and future, base words and endings, contractions, drawing conclusions, cvc words, vowel digraphs ai, ay and adjectives.

Handwriting- We will continue to practice writing upper and lower case letters.

Science and Social Studies- We will continue to read our National Geographics answering the questions and writing about it in our Journal. We will be talking about changes in nature, and animals.  We will also learn about compass rose and play state detectives.

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Allen


February Fun/Marvelous March

February was such a fun month! We celebrated our 100th day of school, enjoyed an awesome Valentine's party and attended an Anti-Bullying Rally!  We also learned a great deal too!

Some of the things we learned about in February are:






long a word families

The Seven Sacraments

St. Valentine

Daily 5


Realistic Fiction

comparing and contrasting


Welcome Back!  We all enjoyed a nice and needed vacation and are ready to learn all the many new things instore for us this  month!  Some of the things we will be learning about this month:

Our focus in Relgion this month will be Lent.  The first grade will learn that Lent is the time when the Church gets ready to celebrate Jesus' Death and Resurrection. Each of us cut out a stained glass cross to color each time we do something to grow closer to Jesus during Lent.  We will also learn about The Three Days when we celebrate Jesus' dying and rising to new life.

In Math we will be identifying sets of 10 ones, counting by 10s to 100, writing numbers 11-100 using numbers and number words, estimating, writing the expanded form of  2-digit numbers, identifying and writing numbers just before, between and just after a given 2 digit numbers and writing numbers that are ten less and ten more.

In Phonics our focus will be reading and writing long a, i and o  words in context.  We will also be identifying and isolating medial sounds.

In Reading we will continue to review and learn about Venn Diagrams, comparing and contrasting, compound words, vowel sounds of the letter y, action verbs, nouns, realistic fiction and we will continue to work on reading with fluency, accuracy and expression.

St. Patricks Day will be so fun and exciting in the first grade. Each child is making a Leprechaun trap hoping to catch a Leprechaun or two in our classroom.   We will set the traps on Monday, March 16th in hopes of capturing one of the silly little rascals.

The STEM Fair next Thursday, March 12  1A will be doing an experiment about Taste Perception.  The project will examine whether people's perceptions of taste are influenced by their sight.



Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all!


Mrs. Allen

Fr. Paul will be joining the first grade for the Holy Thursday Para Liturgy on April 2, at 9:15!!!

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