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Grade 1 - Mrs. Allen

MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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February Fun

We start the month of February celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  There are so many fun and exciting activities planned for February 1-5. Here are some of the following things instore for the first 5 days of the month.

Monday-  Spanish Rosary Service at 2:10
Tuesday- PJ Buddy Day- wear your pjs to school
Wednesday-Spirit Day! No Homework! Ice Cream Sundaes!  Wow!
Thursday- Beach Day! and Wild Life Encounters for Grades Pre-k to 3
Friday-A Day of Faith- Buddy Mass at 9:15

This month we will focus on the following areas:

Religion- We will be talking about Holy Week, Ash Wednesday and  Lent. The First and Second Grades will also be talking about Acts of Kindness.  We will be collecting and donating items for the Nashua Humane Society each week during the month.

Math- Math Olympics adding or subtracting 30 basic math facts in 3 minutes, place values of 2 digit numbers, word problems, odd and even numbers, estimating and we will continue to have Math Mania Mondays where my students get to choose many different math games and activities to play reinforcing skills in a fun way!

Language Arts- We will focus on nouns, singular and plural, action verbs, long and short vowel sounds, vowel sounds of y, syllable patterns cv/vc, author's purpose, sequence in a story, comparing and contrasting and the Daily 5.

Science -weather, states of matter, animals

Social Studies- We will focus this month on the Groundhogs Day, Presidents and elections

Other dates to remember in February:

8 1A Valentine Party
10 Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:15
12 Valentine Free Dress
12 Stations of the Cross 2:15
19 Stations of the Cross 2:15
20-28 Winter Vacation

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mrs. Allen

January News

Happy New Year!  It's 2016 and 1A is off to a great start!  We all enjoyed a much needed Christmas Vacation and everyone is eager to learn and grow not only academically but in our faith too!

This month we will be focusing on the followig:


Religion- We are reading and talking about the parish community and it's activities.  We are learning that the parish is a group of Catholics who join together to share God's love and to pray, celebrate and work together.  That the  parish celebrates God's love in the sacraments, Jesus' words and actions celebrated God's love, and that Jesus gave us the sacraments.

Phonics- We will be substituting iniitial sounds to make new words, blending, reading, and writing short vowel e and long a words to complete sentences, read and discuss nonfiction text, recognize facts and short vowels in context.

Math- I will introduce using subtraction facts to find the missing addened, to compare sets, choosing operations in order to solve problems, Venn diagrams, make and interpret tally charts, real graphs, picture graphs,  and bar graphs.

Reading/English/Handwriting-  We will read Who Works Here?, The Big Circle, and Life in the Forest. The focus will be on the Author's purpose for writing, distinguishing between short and long i and o words, cvc patterns, super e words, high frequency words, segmenting and blending words, consonant diagraphs, special titles, contractions, singular and plural nouns, expository text, fiction, sequencing the order of events in a story and proper nouns.  We will practice writing upper and lower case Pp, Ww,and Dd.

Science/Social Studies- parts of nonfiction books,winter  states of matter, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where animals live.


Happy New Year!

Love, Mrs. Allen


December In 1A


The Christmas Season is probably the most exciting time of year for children and children at heart!   Our class this month will focus on Advent, when we prepare for the birth of Jesus, Christmas Day when we celebrate Jesus' birth, and the importance of the  Advent Wreath.

I will also introduce subtraction using a number line, fact families, related subtration and addition facts.  In Phonics we will focus on short vowel u, write short vowel u words in context and reveiw all the short vowel sounds.  In Reading/English we will learn about Exclamatory sentences, review asking and telling senteces, common nouns, digraphs and cause and effect.

Some important dates to remember this month are: Friday, December 4, at 6pm for the Christmas Tree lighting, Tuesday, Decemember 8, Immaculate Conception Mass at 9:15 and Thursday, December 10, Pre-k-2 Christmas Concert at 10:00am.


I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!!:)



Mrs. Allen



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