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Grade 1 - Mrs. Allen

MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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December In 1A


The Christmas Season is probably the most exciting time of year for children and children at heart!   Our class this month will focus on Advent, when we prepare for the birth of Jesus, Christmas Day when we celebrate Jesus' birth, and the importance of the  Advent Wreath.

I will also introduce subtraction using a number line, fact families, related subtration and addition facts.  In Phonics we will focus on short vowel u, write short vowel u words in context and reveiw all the short vowel sounds.  In Reading/English we will learn about Exclamatory sentences, review asking and telling senteces, common nouns, digraphs and cause and effect.

Some important dates to remember this month are: Friday, December 4, at 6pm for the Christmas Tree lighting, Tuesday, Decemember 8, Immaculate Conception Mass at 9:15 and Thursday, December 10, Pre-k-2 Christmas Concert at 10:00am.


I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!!:)



Mrs. Allen




November News

My favorite time of year is finally here!  Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to think about all the blessings we have been given.  This month 1A will talk about things we are thankful for  big and small.  I am THANKFUL for being  able to teach first grade at St. Christopher School, my son, family and friends.  We will talk about about  Native Americans, Pilgrims, and making good healthy food choices.


We will also be learning about: In Religion The Church Year, Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Three Days, Easter, Jesus had many followers called disciples, He taught his followers how to pray,  and taught us the Lord's Prayer. In Math we will focus on adding sums of 11 and 12, applying math vocabulary in order to understand and solve math problems, identifying patterns and completing addition patterns, adding doubles, doubles + 1, using addition strategies to find sums of 12, addign three addends with sums of 12, This month in Phonics we will be working on our short vowel sounds and writing them in context. In Reading/English/Handwriting we will be looking at short a, i, and o words,  writing sentences, High Frequency Words,the plot of a story, Fantasy story, final consonant x,  and subject of sentences.  In Science/Social Studies we will focus on the food groups, Native Americans, Pilgrims and maps.


Happy Thanksgiving!




September/October News

Our school year has gotten off to a great start!  We are learning to be First Graders, getting familiar with 1A's rules, routine and work!  We are making new friends, This will be an exciting year filled with many fun and exciting activities!


Some of the things we will be learning are:


Religion-The Blessed Trinity, God created the world and all people, God promises to love us always, God chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son, the story of Jesus' birth,  and that we are growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Math- Recognizing numbers from 1-12, solving problems by finding and eliminating extra information, recognizing and drawing groups with one fewer and one more, ordinal numbers, using a number line to count on,  writing numbers that are just before, between and just after a given number, introduce the plus (+) and equals (=) signs, and adding groups of objects.

Phonics- Initial, medial and final consonants, reading High Frequency Words, review short vowels,

Reading/English/Handwriting- Vowels, nouns, verbs, ajectives, parts of a book, print awareness, characters, setting and plot of a story, High Frequency Words, Realistic Fiction and Fantasy, simple sentences, short vowels, and we are practicing sitting in our best hand writing position, with one hand holding the paper and the other hand writing our upper and lower case letter.

Science/Social Studies, -School community, rules, routines, friendship, and being a good friend, identifying and recognizing different kinds of leaves, and animals and animal families


Our First Party of the Year

We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, October 29!!

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