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Grade 1 - Mrs. Allen

MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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Awesome April



April is here and so is the warm weather!! Yeah!  The auction is tomorrow Saturday, April 2, at Sky Meadow Country Club!  It will be an out of this world experience!!!


This month 1A will be focusing on the following subject matter:


Religion-We will learn what Jesus said and did at the Last Supper, the connection between the Last Supper and the Eucharist.  that we worship God when we pray at Mass, and discuss what we do at Mass.  My students will also learn as parishioners we gather to worship God, the readings at Mass are the Word of God, and that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.


Phonics- identify and isolate medial sounds, long and short vowel review, rhymes, long vowel word families


Math- fact families, add three addends, add numbers with sums of 20 or less, using addition and subtraction to find the missing part of a number sentence, solving problems by making a table, recognize the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter, counting on with pennies and nickels, counting on with dimes and pennies, counting on with quarters and pennies and finding the value of a group of coins


Language Arts-We will compare endings, -er, -est, draw conclusions, fluency and accuracy in reading, segment and blend words, practice oral reading, High Frequency Words, main idea and details in writing, contractions, consonant pattern -dge, review  r-controlled er, ir, ur and ar words, summarizing and retelling of stories, vowel digraphs, ai, ay, and ea, possessives, adjectives, handwriting

Science and Social Studies- Animals that lay eggs, recycling, sea turtles, our country, north, south, east and west



Important Dates to Remember in April

2  AUCTION! 5:30 at the Sky Meadow Country Club

8  3rd Quarter Grades Close

15 3rd Quarter Report Cards

20 Report Cards Due Back

22 Earth Day Free Dress Down

22 Poetry Slam 1:45 Church Hall





Magnificent March

There is certainly a lot happening this month, STEM Fair, 3rd Quarter Progress Reports, St. Patrick's Day, Holy Thursday Paraliturgy, and Easter.  Wow!

This month we will  continue to learn and grow both academically and in our faith.  We made a Lenten Prayer Chain in our room. Each child wrote at least one persons name on each link.  At the end of each day as we remove a link and pray for that person  we focus not only on that person, but also that we are getting ready to celebrate Jesus' Death and Ressurection.

Here is some of what 1A will be learning this month:

Religion-  The Three Days, when we celebrate Jesus' dying and rising to new life.  What it means to be a peacemaker, our choices show our love to God, that God is always ready to forgive us, and the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

Math-Place Value of two digit numbers, estimating the quantity of a set of up to sixty objects, we will determine the value of a designated number in a digit, write the expanded form of a two-digit number, identifying and writing numbers one less and one more than a given two-digit number, comparing and ordering numbers to 100, and even and odd numbers.

Phonics-Identify and isolate medial sounds, distinguish rhyming words from non-rhyming words, read and write long o and u words,  discriminate between long o and short o words, review long a, i, and o.

Language Arts -  Vowels r-controlled or, ore, ar,er, ir, ur,  fact and opinion, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, High Frequency Words, verbs, summarizing stories, blend and read words with or, ore ar, er, ir, and ur, distinguishing between expository text and fantasy, compound words, we will use our strategies to monitor and clarify that we understand what it is we are reading, main idea and details, authors purpose, contractions, drawing conclusions, comparing endings with er, and est, and handwriting- letters Rr, Vv, Cc, Jj

Science and Social Studies-animal habitats, Ireland, leprechauns, St. Patrick's Day, how animals grow and change, Dr. Suess' Birthday

Dates to Remember in March

2   Spring Photos

4   Stations of the Cross 9:15

5   Family Dance 6pm

10  Stem Day

10 Stem Day Fair 6pm to 7:30pm

11 3rd Quarter Progress Reports

11 Early Release 12:30

11 Stations of the Cross 9:15

16 Progress Reports Due Back

18 St. Patrick's Day Mass 9:15

18 St. Patrick's Day Free Dress Down

24 Holy Thursday Paraliturgy

25 Good Friday NO SCHOOL

Happy Easter!

Love, Mrs. Allen


February Fun

We start the month of February celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  There are so many fun and exciting activities planned for February 1-5. Here are some of the following things instore for the first 5 days of the month.

Monday-  Spanish Rosary Service at 2:10
Tuesday- PJ Buddy Day- wear your pjs to school
Wednesday-Spirit Day! No Homework! Ice Cream Sundaes!  Wow!
Thursday- Beach Day! and Wild Life Encounters for Grades Pre-k to 3
Friday-A Day of Faith- Buddy Mass at 9:15

This month we will focus on the following areas:

Religion- We will be talking about Holy Week, Ash Wednesday and  Lent. The First and Second Grades will also be talking about Acts of Kindness.  We will be collecting and donating items for the Nashua Humane Society each week during the month.

Math- Math Olympics adding or subtracting 30 basic math facts in 3 minutes, place values of 2 digit numbers, word problems, odd and even numbers, estimating and we will continue to have Math Mania Mondays where my students get to choose many different math games and activities to play reinforcing skills in a fun way!

Language Arts- We will focus on nouns, singular and plural, action verbs, long and short vowel sounds, vowel sounds of y, syllable patterns cv/vc, author's purpose, sequence in a story, comparing and contrasting and the Daily 5.

Science -weather, states of matter, animals

Social Studies- We will focus this month on the Groundhogs Day, Presidents and elections

Other dates to remember in February:

8 1A Valentine Party
10 Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:15
12 Valentine Free Dress
12 Stations of the Cross 2:15
19 Stations of the Cross 2:15
20-28 Winter Vacation

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mrs. Allen
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