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MaryBethThompsonWelcome to First Grade!

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June News 2018

Great Expectations

It's time to say good-bye,

our year has come to an end.

I've made more cherished memories and many more new friends.

I've watched your child learn and grow and change from day to day.

I hope that all the things we've done have helped in some small way.

So it's with happy memeories

I send them out the door.

With great hope and expectations,

for what next year holds in store.


As we finish up the last two weeks of our school year, I think of what an amazing year it was.  We have enjoyed many wonderful times, and worked so very hard.  Each of my students have grown both academically and socially.  I'm  proud of each and everyone of them.  My fondest memory will be, how much my students enjoyed praying a decade of the rosary and also being chosen to lead our class as we pray the rosary.    Smile

With Summer right around the corner I want to remind my students that they should continue to read at home and practice their basic addition and subtraction facts every day.  Don't forget Xtramath and IXL will be available over the summer too!

I would just like to thank my parents for allowing me to be your child's teacher.  I've enjoyed every day with your children, watching them grow into First Graders and now ready to move on as 2nd Graders.


Have a WONDERFUL AND SAFE SUMMER!  Don't forget to continue to pray the rosary!

Love, Mrs. Allen


May News

Mother Mary, Mother Mine

Mother of the Son of God,

Mother of the Eternal World

Mother of the child devine

Mother Mary, Mother mine.



I can't believe this is our LAST full month of school.  We have learned and grown so much this year.  This month, all though it is our last FULL month, it will be a busy one indeed.  Some of what we will be doing and learning about is :

Religion- Our focus  will be on Mother Mary, we will participate in the May Crowning, and pray the rosary.  My students will also learn that we worship God when we pray at Mass, we will discuss what we do at Mass, and learn what it means to grow as diciples of Jesus Christ.

Math- We will continue to review 2 digit addition without regrouping, and I will introduce 2 digit subtraction without regrouping.

Phonics- This month we will continue to learn about inflected endings -ed, -ing, -s, contractions, compound words and high frequency words.

English/ Reading/ Handwriting- The focus will be on comparative endings -er, -est, high frequency words, drawing conclusions, consonant patterns -dge, contractions, vowel digraphs -ai, -ay,-ea possessives, adjectives, verbs, and nouns. We are continuing to choose "Good Fit" books,  to build on our reading skills, checking for fluency, accuracy and comprehension.   will continue working on letter formation, in all our writing activities.

Social Studies/Science- We will read about penquins, dolphins, and insects.  In Social Studies we will learn about the State of New Hampshire.


April News


Spring, spring is coming soon,

Grass is green, and flowers bloom,

Birds returning from the south,

Bees are buzzing all about,

Leaves are budding everywhere,

Spring, spring is finally here!


Here are SOME of the things we will be doing and learning about this month.


Relgion-Our focus will be on -Jesus the light of the World, what it means to receive the light of Christ and to be a peacemaker, the choices we make can show our love for God, Jesus's teachings about God's forgiveness, that God is ALWAYS ready to forgive us, we will learn more about the Sacrament of Penance, and the importance of forgiving others.

Phonics-We will continue to learn about -r controlled vowels, initial and final blends, high frequency words, digraphs, and compound words.

Math-I will introduce two digit addition without regrouping, measurement using non-standard units of measurement, inches on a ruler and we will compare lengths of objects.  We will also learn about temperature and how to read the temperature on a thermometer.

Reading/English/Handwriting-This month we will learn about adding -ed and -ing to the end of words, high freuency words, Author's purpose, r controlled vowels, verbs for past and future, fact and opinion, contractions, comparative endings -er and est, drawing conclusions, consonant pattern dge, and we will continue to work on our writing skills focusing on letter formation and neatness

Science/Social Studies-We will learn about weather and weather words, Recycling and plant life and Mother Theresa.


Dates to Remember

April 2   NO SCHOOL Easter Monday

5    Mass 9:15

13    Report Cards Sent Home

14    Family Dance

16    Report Cards due back

20    Earth Day - Free Dress Down

23  Spring Vacation Begins

Have an Awesome Month!

Love,  Mrs. Allen

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