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Sunshine Math


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The origins of Sunshine Math are rooted in the belief that elementary students are capable of much more that we normally ask of them. The basic purpose of Sunshine Math is to provide the extra challenge that many students need in mathematics. It teaches children how to solve problems and to think critically.

Sunshine Math is a K-6 enrichment package that encourages student of all abilities to extend themselves beyond the normal math curriculum. There is a complete package of materials for each grade. The levels are named for the planets in the solar system, in order starting from the sun. On a weekly basis, students read and complete a set of problems. The problems are “starred” based upon the level of difficulty. Four stars are the most difficult.

The students turn in completed worksheets which are reviewed by parent volunteers. The volunteers give positive feedback and when needed, offer some suggestions for how to solve the problem. Volunteers track progress and provide recognition for participants.

Because Sunshine Math work is completed at home, there is no meeting time.