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Math Club Update

Parents, you can find the Khan Academy logon page right here:




This website is a great activity for your child during snow days and/or downtime on the weekends. Encourage your children to get off the video game or the YouTube video, and move to www.khanacademy.org. This is where your child should spend some screen time!


Have you heard about a very cheap laptop that is on sale this holiday season for about $250 called a Google Chrome Book? If the only PC/MAC you have at home is for work and if your budget allows, you might want to consider this piece of technology as a Christmas present for your kids. Check out this piece of technology HERE for further information!


I gave your children the goal to reach 100,000 points by the winter! The older students think I am funny, but I am serious. One older student came to Math Club last week with approximately 7,500 points. By the end of our Math Club session, she had almost doubled her points to well over 14,000. Now that's some math progress Khan-style, as opposed to 'gangnam style', a song they all know from the YouTube video! (You can locate your child's earned points in the top right-hand corner of the home page.)


A side note on KhanAcademy.org: under practice, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra topics are broken down into big categories like 'Addition/Subtraction', 'Multiplication/Division', 'Fractions', etc.  We find many of the children want to skip the first one, 'Addition/Subtraction', because they are in third grade or higher and think they are beyond 'Addition/Subtraction'.  They want to go straight to multiplication! There is the problem with this type of thinking and using KhanAcademy.org.  Under the 'Addition/Subtraction' category, which has 16 skills to master, Sal Khan goes way beyond the typical first and second grade +/- curriculum.  Sal Khan gets into negative numbers, absolute value, word problems, and other things. Yes, it starts off easy. Therefore, it is essential that they master the whole Addition/Subtraction section before moving on! Please encourage this!


We are slow progress with the MathCounts Silver Series problems with our fifth and sixth graders as I hoped; we have done three of the 25 problems. Yes, these are hard problems for fifth and sixth graders.  We will continue to push forward on these problems! Please note that these problems are in the dreaded word-problem-style where the student has to create the math equation from the words and then solve it.  Learning how to read a math problem is a critical skill, just like learning how to write a paper for English or History.


I would like to thank Mr. Lembree for his valuable help in past years. Senora Bichrest and I hope your children will have fun with Math!


Thank you for encouraging your child to get on KhanAcademy.org.   Please email me with questions, concerns, suggestions, and/or if you'd like to volunteer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .