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Stage Crew Jobs!

Wow! It's time to share job assignments for

Lion King Jr. Stage Crew!

Each crew member completed a job application including their top 3 choices for stage crew jobs and why they should get picked for them. Seniority and experience was considered. Congratulations! It's going to be a great production with the help of my fantastic students!

Stage Manager Left: Ambrose Rockwell

Assistant Stage Manager Left: Thomas Dahl

Stage Manger Right: Skyler Skinner

Assistant Stage Manager Right: Ava Blomquist

House Manager: Caitlyn Forsyth

Costume/Props Manager: Charlie Bellavance

Assistant Costume/Props Manager: Paige Ouelette

Costume/Props: Hailey O'Brien, (Olivia O'Malley)

Programs: Lydia Ballingall, Olivia O'Malley

Whisperers: Colin Tran, Joshua Billingsly

Stage Movers: Chris Valade(R), Kayla Dahl(L), Kyle Graser(R), Michael Lang(L), Clare Tran(R), Samantha Mack(L), Abigail O'Malley(R)

Lollygrams: Alicia Kennedy, (Samantha Mack)

Popcorn: Cameron Prangley, Veronica Gehringer

Concessions: Jamie Vanderburg, Jenna Frost

Tickets: Kaylie Skinner, Annika Winklemann