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Drama Club

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The Drama Club allows students to be able to express themselves creatively, as they prepare one musical performance per year on the stage at Nashua Catholic Jr. High. Students are allowed to participate in many different ways, whether it be stage crew, props, or acting. Auditions for singing parts are required, however all other participation does not require an audition.

For most of the year, the Drama Club meets on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 a.m. Additional practices may be necessary near the performance date.


Stage Crew Jobs!

Manager Stage Right

Elizabeth Marino

Assistant Manager Stage Right

DJ Whalen

Stage Right Movers

Eddie Sprague

Luke Emond

Finn Cheney

Whisperer Stage Right

Nick Brown Karageorge

Manager Stage Left

Alexis Emond

Assistant Manager Stage Left (Curtain)

Ella Graham

Stage Left Movers

Samantha Mack

Alicia Kennedy

Max Lizotte

Whisperer Stage Left

Ariana Kouchalakos

House Manager Front

Hailey O’Brien

House Managers Back

Jacob Sharpe

Chris Valade

Costume and Props Manager

Paige Ouelette

Assistant Costume and Props Manager

Neila Cora

Costume and Props

Ava Mariano

Ginny Lembree


Emma Sirois

Siena Lamere


Ethan Felder

Deirdre Whalen (also Backstage)


Nola Sharpe

Lucas Vaquerano


Elise Rockwell

Devin Gomes


Elizabeth Fredricks

Jenna Frost




CoolStage Crew MeetingsCool

Crew memebers will be meeting in room 5M at St.Chris on Wednesday and Friday afternoons

from 3-4:15pm, unless otherwise notified by email. Our first meeting is Sept. 27th.

Additional Sauturday meetings may be scheduled as the show approaches. (Note: Not every member

of crew is expected to attend these Saturday meetings, there will be sign-ups for these as needed)


Annie Music Download!


(Performance & Practice Files!)



Tracks 1-24 are performance files, tracks 25-40 are practice files


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