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Cross-Country Team

The St. Christopher School Cross Country Program is about to begin and we are very excited!  St. Chris has a strong tradition of helping develop strong runners at all ages and our numerous championships show our success in making this happen.  In addition to developing strong runners, we are trying to offer programs that help the experienced runners prepare for a higher level of running.  This year we are offering four programs for children in grades 2-6.

Grade 2-3 Program – This program is for the beginning runner and is designed to increase your child’s endurance in a fun and safe manner.  The children will not only gradually increase their endurance in order to complete a 1.2 mile course, they will also learn to run efficiently with proper technique.  The goal for the younger children is to have fun and learn to run at the same time.  The coaches are experienced runners or are experienced cross country youth coaches or both.

Grade 4-5 Program – This program is designed for both new and experienced runners.  The goal is to help these children comfortably complete a 1.8 mile course and to continually improve their times with each race.  In addition to increasing their endurance, the children will also learn correct and efficient running technique, so they can maximize their ability and reduce the risk of injury.  The runners will train at a pace that is comfortable for them.  The coaches are experienced runners or youth cross country coaches or both.

Grade 6 Program – The 6th grade program is similar to the grade 4-5 program.  The goals are to increase endurance and improve running technique.  The 6th graders will be preparing for the Catholic School meet (they are not eligible for the City Elementary School race).  The 6th graders will be allowed to participate in the Elementary School practice races so they will get a chance to race and improve their times for the final meet.  The 6th grade coaches have strong running and youth coaching backgrounds.

Grade 6 Advanced Program – Sixth graders who have running experience and wish to train at a higher level are invited to join the Nashua Catholic Junior High School (NCRJHS) Cross Country Team practices and possibly compete in some of their meets including the City Middle School race.  The runners must meet minimum running standards to be eligible to join this program.  We encourage interested 6th graders to start running now in order to be ready for the program.   A separate permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian in order for a child to participate in this program.


If your child/children are interested in participating in the St. Christopher School Cross Country Program please complete the permission form HERE and return to the school by September 2nd.   If you have any questions regarding the cross country program, please contact coach Stacey Marino at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Cross Country Registration

Its time to sign up for our Fall cross country team!  The cross country team is open to everyone in Grades 2-6.  (Grade 6 can practice with us but they are not able to race with us and should plan to race with Nashua Catholic.)  Practices will start on Wednesday September 9th and will continue every Monday and Wednesday in September and the first couple of weeks in October.  For safety reasons, the number of runners is limited to 75 runners.  You can sign your child up online through Sign-Up Genius beginning May 11 at 6:00 PM using the link below.  Please make sure your child wants to run.  They do not have to be accomplished runners but they need to be willing runners!

Register your child for the Cross Country Team HERE!