Band Director

Mr. David Bailey directs St. Christopher School’s band program. Since moving to Nashua, he has taught music lessons, repaired musical instruments and participated actively in the local community music scene. He played with the Temple, NH town band for 10 years and performed with the Souhegan Recorder Consort for many years. Since 1985, Mr. Bailey has conducted the Hollis Town Band, a volunteer band of around 80 members ranging in age from elementary school up through retirement age. Mr. Bailey has also served as music director of the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra for seven years as well as music director of the Nashua Flute Choir for five years.

Mr. Bailey originated the Saint Christopher's Band program over 20 years ago, which he directed for three years before family responsibilities as well as other professional responsibilities forced him to pass the program on to other people. He is excited to be back at our school!

Mr. Bailey believes strongly that music should be fun while also requiring work from the students. He works hard to ensure that the band program is an enjoyable endeavor that the students can justifiably take pride in being a part of. To learn more about Mr. Bailey feel free to visit David Bailey Music Studio and click on the Music Lessons.