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Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is as follows:

Half-Day Pre-Kindergarten $4,170.00
Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten $5,300.00
Full-Day Kindergarten $5,300.00
Grades 1-6 $5,000.00
Grades 1-6 with Parish Support $4,023.00

Supported Families are active participants in their Catholic Parishes that are able to obtain a waiver from their Parish which reduces the per child cost of tuition. This program is called Parish Support. Approval for the Parish Support program is obtained through a family's parish in January/February, so those interested in the program should contact their parish office well before then to explore parish requirements.

Tuition Payments

There are three methods of payment. Tuition may be paid all at once, in two equal payments (one in July and one in December), or through a monthly payment plan. All payments are processed online through FACTS, an outside company which manages our financial aid awards and tuition payments. There may be an additional fee for using FACTS. More information may be found HERE.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid application process begins in January for the following school year. All Financial Aid applications must be completed online using FACTS. Please click HERE to complete the application.