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Carpool Procedures

Our parking facilities are difficult due to lack of space. Teachers and monitors on duty are doing their best to keep the children safe. Please cooperate and follow these directions and signals given to you.

Morning Drop-off

Grades Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten:

Parents will approach the school by traveling DOWN Brookline St. (the street that runs along the side of the back parking lot). Brookline can be accessed from Manchester St. via Gordon St.  Parents will pull into the back parking lot, entering through the entrance closest to the school. Please pull your car up to the top of the parking lot where the teachers will open your door and help your child exit. Immediately pull around the parking lot and leave through the exit closest to the dumpsters and continue straight down Hill St.





Grades 1-6:

Drop-off will be at the FRONT of the school on Cushing Ave. Parents should pull up in a car pool line on the school side of the street only – no student should be dropped off on the opposite side to cross Cushing Ave. or exit the car on the driver’s side of the car into the street. Drop-off should occur between the corner of Cushing Ave/Brookline St. and the school sidewalk that leads to the Prekindergarten and Kindergarten wing. Students should walk up the sidewalks into the school and a teacher will be waiting at the front door.  Immediately after your child exits the car, please continue straight down Cushing Ave.




Morning Pre-Kindergarten Pick-up

AM Pre-K – 11:25 AM Dismissal

Please wait until our 5th and 6th grade students have entered the building following their morning recess (which ends at 11:25 AM) before pulling into the parking lot for pick-up. It would be helpful if you would line up in single file along the side of the building (in the bus lane) until all students have entered the building, then pull into the parking lot and park your vehicle. Wait at the top of the staircase. A teacher will be there to dismiss your child to you.


Afternoon Pick-up

Full Day Pre-K and Kindergarten – 2:45 PM Dismissal – Back School Parking Lot

All Full Day Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 2:45 PM. Those being picked up will be released out the back door into the school parking lot. You will need to park your car by BACKING into the spaces along the far side of parking lot. You must walk to the top of the stairs to meet your child. Children going to After Care will be escorted to the Church Hall and walkers will be dismissed through the church side door and escorted to the crossing guard on Manchester St.

Grades 1 through 6 "Outside Nashua"  – 3:00 PM Dismissal – Back School Parking Lot

All students residing outside Nashua will be dismissed out the back door into the school parking lot. Students in grades 1 through 6 who carpool with a Full Day Pre-K or Kindergarten student will also be dismissed out the back door at 3:00 PM regardless of whether or not they reside in Nashua or outside Nashua.

Parking in the back parking lot

We ask that you start parking in the spaces on the far side of the parking lot (by the basketball hoops), BACKING into the spaces. Please try to fill the first available spot. Middle row parking slots should be the last ones filled. This allows everyone room to back into slots without having to maneuver around obstacles.

We are aware there is not sufficient parking. We ask those who have a Full Day Pre-K or Kindergarten student who does not carpool with a student in grades 1 through 6 to please exit the lot as soon as possible. If the lot is full, please form a line down Hill Street and as one car exits the lot, another please enter. We ask that you enter through the right opening and exit through the left opening. We thank you for your cooperation and patience.

After children are in cars, please take a right up Brookline Street or go straight ahead down Hill Street. Please do not go left down Brookline Street.

Grades 1 through 6 – "Nashua" Group – 3:00 PM Dismissal – Upper Parish Parking Lot

Children who live in Nashua who do not carpool with a Full Day Pre-K or Kindergarten student will be dismissed in the upper parish parking lot. Children will be walked to the upper parish parking lot by two of our staff members. Students who carpool with Kindergarten students will be dismissed to the back parking lot at 3:00 PM.