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Here's the latest:

We've heard that Ann Polaneczky '00 is up to great things!   Ann is a civil engineer who works out of Boston with Partners in Health and travels to Haiti about one week each month.  Ann was recently interviewed to discuss some of her important work helping to shape the wastewater treatment system at Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM).  The system is critically important for reducing the threat of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and dysentery.  It also serves as an example of success.  Ann explained, "[w]e want to show that it's possible to treat wastewater in an efficient, economical, and sustainable way in Haiti and other low-resource countries."  Ann discussed several other engineering accomplishments at HUM, including the institution of a fiber optic network which provides high-speed Internet access throughout the hospital.  This allows Haitian doctors to consult with professionals in Boston and beyond through video conferencing and other digital technology.  Way to go Ann! 


Santiago Pardo '06 moved to Georgia, and is currently getting his undergraduate degree at Harvard.  


We are delighted to "report" (pun intended!) that Christian Avard '85 visited St. Chris recently! He met with Miss Wefers and talked to all of the 6th grade students about his job as a reporter for the Rutland Herald in Vermont. Christian used our interactive white board for a great PowerPoint presentation regarding a career in journalism as well as some personal experiences covering important stories. Thank you Christian for taking time from your busy schedule to visit us.  It is very enriching for our students to connect with alumni and learn about their different career choices. Click below to view a slide show from Christian's visit!




Scott Higginson '83 and his wife currently live in Fishers, IN with their 2 1/2 year old son Liam . . . and their beagle Fenway!


William ("Bill") O'Brien '84 lives in Seattle, WA and is currently the Animation Lead at a Video Game Developer called Bungie Studios.  He spent the last 12 years animating characters in the Halo video game series -- making aliens look like they are running and jumping around the game.  Very cool!!   He feels incredibly blessed to have such a fun job that allows him to make art and support his wonderful family doing what he loves.   Bill has been happily married for 15 years, and has two children.  Bill's favorite memories of St. Chris are hot dog day, McDonald's Day and pizza parties.  Yum!  He also remembers singing his heart out at the Christmas pageants, receiving the Golden Brush Award (three times!) and "almost" winning the Science Bowl.  Bill believes that even though Mrs. Kime scolded him A LOT . . . he was secretly her favorite.  :)


Austin Hollis '05 has kept very busy since graduating from Bishop Guertin in 2011.  Accepted into the UNH Thompson School, Austin decided instead to follow his passion and concentrate his efforts on growing his "budding" landscaping business (pun intended!).  Today, a short two years after high school graduation, he is the proud owner of Austin Landscaping, LLC, a full service Grounds Management Company in Nashua, serving southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.  And . . . it sounds like business is booming!  Austin Landscaping has gone from a one man company taking care of a handful of residential customers, to one that employs four full-time managers and about nine seasonal employees.  They operate five trucks which provide snow and ice management in the winter and landscape maintenance in the summer, including hardscape, lawn, and irrigation installations.  Austin often recalls his days at St. Chris, when he got his professional start by using his parents' push mower to mow a few of the neighbors' lawns around his house.  He credits his success, in part, to the education and nurturing he received at St. Chris.  Check out Austin's Facebook page -- he encourages you to take advantage of his seasonal promotions and discounts! 



It was great to hear from Brian Langenfeld '85.  Brian has fond memories of going to Pat's Peak as part of the Ski Club. 


Lisa "Katrina" (Smith) Nickerson '75 works in the emergency department of Concord Hospital as an ER Tech.  She is the mother of two childre, Tim (25) and Rebecca (22).   Lisa loves to hike, run, cycle, mountain bike, and ski!  Lisa remembers her very first day of school when she was crying and Christina Gott, another first grader, consoled her.  (Christina's mother was a teacher at St. Chris.)   Lisa reports that Sr. Martha, her first grade teacher, was the nicest!!  She has many fond memories of St. Chris. 

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