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" …committed to creating a safe environment that develops students' minds, bodies and spirits."
MC, parent
"We have so many chances to make a difference in this school and in the environment. Our school helps the poor, hungry and homeless. In this school, a difference really makes a difference!"
6th grade student
"At St. Chris, values are holistically intermingled through our the students' daily learning and through special outreach projects."
ES, parent
"My school is special. The teachers and staff are awesome."
HS, 2nd grade student
"As we've watched our children grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, we've never doubted that we made the right choice."
ND, parent
"We come home happy and safe."
KM, 3rd grade student
"The feeling of being part of a community is so strong that we know we will truly miss it when we have to move on to middle school."
MS, parent
"I like my school because we have good academics, fun stuff to learn, and activities and clubs. All of them keep me busy."
MC, 5th grade student
"I like St. Chris because I like to learn."
DD, kindergarten student
"By sending our children to St. Chris, we are showing them by example that we value their education."
DN, parent
"I like our teachers. They are all kind, loving, understanding, and thoughtful."
KV, 4th grade student
"....is so happy at St. Chris and couldn't love a teacher more."
CM, parent
"I like my school because I get smarter and I learn."
CN, 1st grade student