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April Principal's Letter




Spring is here!! Longer days to enjoy the sun and warmer weather are right around the corner! I hope!

Throughout Lent, we journeyed with Jesus through his trials and tribulations.  Undaunted by temptation and the Pharisees’ intimidation and deceit, Jesus courageously stayed the course.  As we look  back on Holy Week, we reflect on Jesus’ sufferings unto His physical death on the cross.  On Easter Sunday we celebrated His victory: in submitting Himself to the will of His Father, Jesus defeated death.  His resurrection illustrated the saving power of eternal Love, available to all of us when we acknowledge our sinfulness, open our hearts to the Truth and commit our souls to the Lord. What a nice way to immerse ourselves in Spring!



Highlights of the Month:

  • Our STEM day and evening STEM fair were a huge success!  The children enjoyed being engineers, inventors, scientists and more!  Many thanks to our teachers who helped to facilitate our children’s learning by allowing them to ask, imagine, plan, create and improve their design process.  Also, many thanks to our speakers and everyone who participated in these wonderful events.  Big shout out to Joe Daley, who so graciously agreed to be our keynote speaker.  He grabbed the interest of all of our students by demonstrating and sharing stories about his time in the Air force and what it was like being a pilot! R2D2 visited during our STEM day and evening!  We are so grateful to MakeIt Lab for sharing their fabulous robot with us.  The kids and adults loved it!!
  • We thank you for joining us for the Stations of the Cross each Friday afternoon.  For their leadership during this Lenten season we recognize the following teachers and their classes: Mrs. Mitchell and her fifth grade, Mrs. Viola and her fifth grade, and Mrs. Ternan and her fourth grade.
  • Father Kelley celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day Mass for our students on March 17thMrs. Rankins and Ms. Jacques 2nd graders prepared the readings and it was a wonderful presentation!
  • This year’s auction was a huge success! It was so nice to see everyone having such a wonderful time!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing is us and being so generous! The auction committee is already planning for next year!!
  • We are grateful to this month’s readers of the Morning Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Alexis Emond, Christina Juris and Alexis Lizotte.

What a busy month we have had.  I wish the entire St. Christopher community a very blessed Easter.  I am looking forward to another busy month ahead!

God Bless!




I will be at a conference next week and unable to begin writing notes on the student’s report cards.  This task is very important to me, so I thought it would be best if I put notes on the reports cards at the end of the year. This way I do not have to rush through it, and I can comment on your student’s entire year. As a side note, I look at the student report cards every quarter and I’m always kept up to date on student grades, conduct and effort.

Thank you for your understanding!